New year

What do I want out of 2014?

I wanted to set real goals!!! I have ideal amazing ideas for the year but this year I wanted to set realistic, achievable goals- so here we go:

1- Attend church every Sunday –no excuses
2- read the bible at least 10 minutes a day
3- Pray daily
4- Tithe regularly
5- Eat Healthier
6- Go to park with kids 1 a week at least
7- monthly date night with papabear
8- see family locally every 2 weeks
9- save 1,000 by this time next year
10- pay off car
11- lose 2 lbs a week
12- play more with kids
13- read 5 books cover to cover
14- go out of clarksville for a day
15- keep stress level in check
16- make 1 stranger smile everyday
17- help at a shelter
18- lead an outreach
19- blog daily to capture growth
20- become debt free
21- random act of kindness weekly
22- help at animal shelter
23- learn to enjoy excercise
24- quit smoking completely
25- host a small group
26- run a marathon

So some of these I do but I know I want it to become more of a habit than an occurrence. Some will take more effort then others, and some will take patience… But I believe in 356 days I can Achieve them all!!!


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