My life in a nutshell

I am a 26 year old woman. I am happily married to my Husband and we have 3 amazing children together! The twins are 3 and baby bear is 2. I work as a dispatcher for roadside, and if I am not at home or work I am at church.

Daughter of the potter is a name that came to me in a sermon last spring and it refers to being a pliable lump of clay willing to be molded, shaped, and formed by the potter God. I am his work and though sometimes I am not as easily moved, I will remain on the wheel until He says I am done.

I grew up as an army kid and called TN home mostly growing up. Spent my young adulthood and high school in California and loved it. Unfortunately things were not working out there so I moved back to TN with mom and dad and a brand new baby brother when I was 21.

Since coming home I became pregnant with twins and the father vanished… but one guy did stick around throughout that pregnancy and even when I pushed him away he stuck around waiting. We were friends for awhile but one morning he came over when the twins were maybe a month old so I could get a shower and nap, I walked downstairs to see him playing with my twins (princess bear and Bubby bear) and the three looked so happy I fell in love at that moment. We dated and on July 23. 2010 he proposed. We we’d in April and we had baby bear in October. And that’s how papa bear and I began our life together.

I started attending church regularly and was fighting a wicked round of depression, but through church I found a even greater love and that was God. I made amazing friendships and even through a year of unemployment, sickness and spinal cord injury, I found Gods love to be abundant and everlasting.

2013 is the first year I have really enjoyed for a long time now that we are both employed and I have come so far in my walk with Christ it’s amazes me every time I think about it. But this blog isn’t about my past: it’s about my future… It’s a story waiting yo be written, to inspire people with love, generosity, and God. I hope you’ll follow me through this upcoming year and share your stories with me!


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